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These tips can help you conserve energy in your data center.

The insider’s guide to IT efficiency

As enterprises apply data analytics more and more, the demands on data centers and IT infrastructure grow. These networks are using an increasing amount of energy, making them more challenging to manage efficiently. Companies that can properly manage their IT power will save a great deal of money in the long run, while being better prepared for potential outages. 

Use infrastructure management to analyze your IT efficiency 
Data center infrastructure management, or DCIM, is software that helps manage data center power usage. You can monitor and analyze data center resources, seeing any areas where power isn't used efficiently so you can take steps to optimize it. DCIM can also identify adjustments that you can make to improve energy usage. 

"A UPS system can help  manage energy usage."

Manage airflow from your air conditioner
Proper airflow management lets you transfer cold air from your air conditioning unit to your computer room, while removing the hot air from the servers. Strategically directing the cold air to the spots where it's most needed keeps your equipment from overheating, and ensures that your cold air use is optimized. Try not to directly mix the hot exhaust air with the cold air. 

The computer room needs to stay dry and cool. If your data center is in a warm, humid climate, proper environmental controls can help immensely. Controlling the humidity levels can help you keep the temperature down, and can help you save energy by using less air conditioning. 

Add a UPS system as part of your power outage protection
In addition to providing redundancy in the event of a power outage, a modern UPS system can also help manage energy usage. Energy-efficient UPS systems manage power more effectively when they switch between the inverter and transformer. Smart-UPS Online units, like the SRT5KRMXLT, offer voltage regulation to conserve power while keeping your equipment protected. 

Advanced UPS batteries use precision charging. These batteries use only the power they need, and then automatically shut off to conserve energy once they're fully charged. 

Schedule an Energy STEP1 Audit
An Energy STEP1 Audit is the first step toward developing more efficient power usage for your data center. A certified field engineer from Custom Networks will visit your workspace, analyze your IT efficiency and present you with a complete report. This report highlights your energy usage and any areas you could improve. 

Custom Networks provides APC products, which offer the best power protection solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you mange your power and prepare your system to avoid expensive downtime.

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